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And the way to do that is with ICE.

Comment restaurer des fichiers supprimés sur les appareils Android

What is ICE? During Hurricane Katrina, so many people were injured, unconscious and separated from their families that emergency workers came up with the idea of putting an iCE — In Case Of Emergency — Contact in their cell phones. Now, when a patient who is unconscious or unable to speak comes into the emergency room, hospitals worldwide check their smartphone for an iCE contact, to help them locate their next of kin.

Everyone in your family should have an iCE contact in his or her smartphone. In fact, they should have two just in case the first contact is unavailable. The first one of course will be your spouse, partner, best friend or close relative. Someone that you want there with you at the hospital or, if need be, making decisions on your behalf. But what if that person is also injured, or is out of town or forgot to charge their phone? Why not choose one additional person to be an ICE Contact — someone very close to you, who you know will drop everything to race to your side and handle things until your significant other can be reached.

Put all the information you possibly can into your two iCE Contacts. For example: Be sure to include every piece of information you can. Adding And Using Fields Like most smartphones, most Android phones let you change, add or create Fields inside the contact, so that you can customize it as much as you like. To add fields to your contact, press and hold one of the Field Names sometimes called Label until the menu appears, then choose the field or label you want by checking the box next to it and clicking OK. One great field to add is Relationship , to tell emergency personnel who your contact is to you.

Then why not create a medical history form for yourself and every member of the family, put it in a password protected online folder, and place the link to it in the Notes section of your ICE Contact. Just right click on the link and save it to your desktop.

Make your ICE contacts stand out by using the Add Photo function to upload a graphic like the ones on this page. You can make your own, or download ours free. Right click this link then choose Save Target As, to add it to your desktop.

Easily Import CSV Contacts from PC to Android Phone

Save the graphic to the photos on your phone. Every family has one person who keeps everyone else organized. Which means that having an ICE contact on a password protected phone is useless, right? Then touch Lock Screen Widgets. Touch that and a window will appear. Then Check the Box and Choose Okay. Problem solved!

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That way you can all get in touch with each other quickly in an emergency. Would you like to download these instructions for later?

Android : How to add photo to contact in Samsung Galaxy S6

Do yourself a favor. That way your family will have all the information they need to stay safe and secure, no matter what the situation.

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Add, switch, or delete users You can share your device with family and friends by creating a user profile for each person. Learn about what users can do. Some of these steps work only on Android 9 and up.

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Learn how to check your Android version. Add user To add a user, you must be the device owner. Open your device's Settings app. If you can't find this setting, try searching your Settings app for users. If you don't see either option, your device can't add users. Set up the new user If you're with the new user: Tap Set up now.

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  4. If the new user isn't there: Tap Not now. Update user Update your own profile Open your device's Settings app.